Biometrics Technology, Working process & Applications.

As you know the technologies are upgrading day-by-day,so today I am going to discuss with you guyzz about Biometrics Technology which is being used in our daily life. In our daily life, we use  biometrics in so many places such as the digital attendance system at offices, security checkpoints at airports,even our national ID cards etc..In this article I will discuss about its working,features of this technology and many more…

History of Biometrics Technology

In the 1880s, Dr. Henry Faulds was one of the first individuals to recognize the unique characteristics inherent in fingerprints, and propose a classification system for their use. His work was continued by Sir Francis Galton, who developed a classification system that is still in use today. Biometric security devices were long held ideals in science fiction movies that seemed plausible enough to actually happen, but a little too far-fetched for real world application.


What is Biometrics Technology?

The term Biometrics is a combination of two words- bio i.e. life and metrics i.e. measurement. Biometric identification authenticates secure entry, data or access via human biological information such as DNA or fingerprints. Biometric systems include several linked components for effective functionality.Every individual is unique and carries a separate identity.

Examples include, but are not limited to fingerprint, palm veins, face recognition, DNA, palm print, hand geometry, iris recognition, retina and odour/scent and many more..

examples of biometric


What are the types of Biometric Devices?

1. Face Recognition

Face recognition system is a one type of biometric computer application which can identify or verify a person from a digital image by comparing and analyzing patterns.



2. Fingerprint Recognition

Fingerprint identification refers to the procedure of comparing the pattern of ridges, furrows and minutiae points of the fingers,no two fingerprints were found to be the same, not even for the identical twins.


3. Signature Recognition

Signature recognition is a one type of biometric method used to analyze and measure the physical activity of signing like the pressure applied, stroke order and the speed.

4. Iris Recognition

In this method of biometric identification, mathematical pattern-recognition techniques are used on the video images of the individual’s irises.

There are many more devices,actually biometric system is used everywhere now-a-days..


How does Biometric System works?

working of

Fig:Block Diagram of Biometric System

In Acquired Biometric Sample, once the device captures this information it creates an electronic representation of that characteristic, which will be used later on in the verification process.During this step (Feature Extraction) you are going to present your fingerprint onto the scanning device so that it captures an image of your unique fingerprint.The image that was captured during the feature extraction is now going to be compared to the electronic template you had provided when it took a sample of your fingerprint. It pulls the template from the database from where it was stored and then either allow you access if there is a match, or denies your entry if it can’t recognize your fingerprint.

Applications of Biometric System in day-to-day life

  • Airport security
  • Building Access
  • Cars
  • Schools/Offices
  • Bank security

Advantages of Biometric Systems

  • Improved security
  • Improved customer experience
  • Cannot be forgotten or lost
  • Reduced operational costs

Disadvantages of Biometric systems

  • Systems are not 100% accurate.
  • Require integration and/or additional hardware
  • Cannot be reset once compromised


I hope this information about Biometrics, Technology was quite helpful to u guyzz..In upcoming Tutorial  I will be back with some new interesting Projects and we will discuss about some useful development topics. Here if you want to recommend that what I should write in upcoming Tutorial then please leave your comments. and if u need any help or query please don’t Hesitate to discuss with me. Thank You  🙂


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