Best project List For CSE Students

Hey guys, Here I came to suggest Best 50 CSE Projects for Computer Science & Engineering Students. let’s take a look and choose your favorite topic. we divided into three major categories which are trending Catagories for CSE students like Android, Web-Based, and Embedded.

Android Based Projects for Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)

  • Chat Application
  • Utility Applications
  • Social Network Application
  • eCommerce Application

Web-Based Projects for Computer Science & Engineering

  • Using Java or PHP Based Project (Whatever is needed)
  • Hospital Management System
  • School Management System
  • Library Management System
  • Air Ticket Reservation System
  • Railway Reservation System
  • Banking System
  • eCommerce
  • Social Network
  • Chat Application
  • Web Scrapper
  • 2D Games
  • Product management system based on industries
  • Job Portal
  • Hotel Portal
  • Online Movie Booking System
  • Online restaurant reservation System

Embedded System Based Project for Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)

  • Android Control Robot
  • Android Control Home Automation System
  • Control Based Industrial Appliances Control System using Android
  • Control Based Spy Camera Universal Control using Android
  • WI-FI Based Project
  • Android Based Advance Agriculture System
  • WI-FI Based Home appliance control System
  • WI-FI Based Industrial Appliance Control System
  • Wireless Communication Based Project
  • Vehicle Tracking System
  • Vehicle Monitoring Based Projects


you may visit some of the projects like:

Invisible Intruder Alarm

Voice Controlled Home Automation Project

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