How to Play Mario Bros Tune on Arduino

In this project we are going to Learn about a very intresting and memorable Tutorial thats play the classic Mario bro tune on arduino with piezo buzzer this is very simple and fun project.

As we all love music it is everywhere. our lots of memory will attach with it so we are going to recall our favorite video game song Mario Bro Tune. In this project we use Arduino board and Pizeo buzzer to play the song.

Firstly what we need for this :

  1. Arduino uno
  2. 1 X pizeo buzzer
  3. 470 ohm resistor
  4. A breadboard
  5. Some breadboard cables


Connect your Piezo Buzzer long leg or red cable (+) in Arduino digital pin #3 and short leg or black cable (-) into ground pin.

Playing Mario Bros Tunes on Arduino with a Piezo Buzzer

Step II

Set the Led in pin #13 to blink. This will blink when a note is played.

Step III

upload the following codes on to your Arduino board.


Arduino Mario Bros Tunes

With Piezo Buzzer and PWM

Connect the positive side of the Buzzer to pin 3,

then the negative side to a 1k ohm resistor. Connect

the other side of the 1 k ohm resistor to

ground(GND) pin on the Arduino.


As you will upload this Code on The Arduino Board . it will be ready to play the Mario Bros tune.

Now your project is ready have a fun and enjoy this Tune.

So, Friends I hope you understand this project very well . In upcoming Tutorial  I will be back with some new interesting Projects and we will discuss about some useful development topics. Here if you want to recommend that what I should write in upcoming Tutorial then please leave your comments. and if u need any help or query please don’t Hesitate to discuss with me. Thank You  🙂

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