Civil Engineering

Types of building foundations in Different Soils

Hello Friends, Today In this article we will discuss about the Very Basic and Important Topic of Civil Engineering that is Types of building foundations in Different Soils.  As we know that Civil...

How to make a bluetooth speakers at home

How to make a bluetooth speakers at home

How to make a bluetooth speakers at home: The Bluetooth technology was created by the Ericsson company as a wireless alternative to data cables since, Bluetooth is used for transports data using radio...
Science Project

How to make an Electromagnet electromagnet project

Hello Friends, Today In this Article We will Learn about, How to make an electromagnet project. This is a Science and Experiment Related Topic. To clearly understand The Basic Concept ho an Electromagnet,...

Basic Engineering

How to make a tesla coil?

The Tesla coil is designed by Nikola Tesla in 1891, is an electrical resonant transformer circuit used  used to produce high-voltage, low-current, high frequency alternating-current electricity.A...

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence (AI)

What is Artificial Intelligence & Future Scope in Artificial Intelligence

Hello Friends, Today I am back here with quite exciting and vast Technology that is Artificial Intelligence.  As you guys know the technologies are upgrading day-by-day, you people must be familiar with...

Biometric Security
Basic Engineering

Biometrics Technology, Working process & Applications.

As you know the technologies are upgrading day-by-day,so today I am going to discuss with you guyzz about Biometrics Technology which is being used in our daily life. In our daily life, we use ...

zigbee Technology
Basic Engineering

What is zigbee Technology? Features, Applications, working and Future scope.

Zigbee technology is a very Interesting topic nowadays. As you guys are already familiar with wireless networks, similarly ZigBee is also a wireless mesh networking standard for connecting sensors. In...

VLSI Technology
Basic Engineering

Introduction to VLSI Technology

VLSI Technology is one of the most widely used technologies for microchip processors, integrated circuits (IC) and component designing. It was initially designed to support hundreds of thousands of...

Basic Engineering

How does a receiver works ? What are the types of radio receivers ?

 Alexander Stepanovich Popov was invented the first radio receiver in 1896 and It was based on electromagnetic waves. A radio receiver is an electronic device that picks up the desired signal, rejects...

Laser security systems have many advantages. They are simple to install and can be used effectively inside or outside a home. The systems can be used as a highly effective perimeter alarm for property boundaries or even for pools, where customers can have the lasers set to detect when small children come within a set number of feet from the edge of the water. Indoors, the sensors utilize normal power outlets and telephone jacks; outdoors, the sensors can be hidden beneath plants and bushes and will not harm lawns or other vegetation. However, laser security systems can be prohibitively expensive. While some security system plans allow for customers to target one room, plans that protect large amounts of land or an entire house will cost much more and can be difficult for many customers to afford.

How to make Laser Light Security Alarm?

Introduction Lasers and laser technologies are widely used in defense and security fields and laser technology one of the most reliable photonics technologies available today. In this tutorial I m going...