How to make Wireless Power Transmission System


Wireless Power transfer System was first introduced by Nikolas Tesla in the 1890s, however it is only really in the last decade that the technology has been Exploit the power, where it offers real benefits to real world applications.  In a particulars, the development of resonant wireless power system technology for the Consumer Electronics market, power transform is a unique word for us working on the theory of transformer. Basically this Power Transmission system is a very unique idea to transfer the power supply without wire. 

So Here i will tell u what is wireless power transform and how it works. And how can you make your own wireless power transmission system . I will describe all thing on wireless power transform theorem. It work on theory of Transformer as we have read about transformer when we supply the 220v or more volt to the transformer than there is flux generate and that work for step down and step up .It is possible to transfer the power wireless .so lets go down guys to learn how can you make your own wireless power transfer system.


Component Required :-



  1. Dotted PCB
  2. Primary Coil 60 Turn
  3. Secondary Coil 70 Turm (Center tapping)
  4. Resistance 2pc of 100 ohm
  5. Variable resistance 200 k
  6. Ceramic disk capacitor 103pf
  7. Mosfet 2pc IRFZ44
  8. Inverter Ic 4047ic
  9. One way Switch
  10. Led
  11. Battery 2pc 4v 1 ah  


Dotted PCB :-

Dotted pcb that means we can make circuit on that help of soldering iron and paste .


Coil is electrical component and its made up of copper coil like as helix or circle


Resistance block the path of electrons flows in wire. Which is in voltage and current it oppose .

Ceramic disk capacitor 

Ceramic disk capacitor is fixed value capacitor. Which act as dielectric.


Metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor is a type of transistor .which have source, drain, gate. And it use for electronic switching.


An electric switch is a type of electrical device . which discounted the flow of electron on wire either it will be open of close


 Light emitting diode is a type of Diode which works on the electronic circuit when we pass the voltage 0.7 – 3 volt across its terminal then it will glow the led .


A battery can change chemical energy to electrical energy . and it work like as a potential difference .


Working :-

Its working on the theory of transformer. Here i will tel you how its work ,when we supply the 8v 1 amp to the circuit through the help of battery which is in series of 4v 1 amp .

Than power passes through the 4047ic which is inverter ic and it give the pulse to complete the cycle of wave form it give the pulse through its pin of 10 and 11. Here variable resistance working for the frequency. When we increase the value of resistance by variable resistance than the frequency will be high which complete the 50hz of required frequency.

And when the ic pass the cycle through the its pin 10 and 11 than its reched to the mosfet irfz44 of pin G . And S are bypass through through the gnd and we take the output through the D and its connected through the center tapped coil which is 70 turned .

After that we will bring close to the center tapped coil to secondary coil which is connected through the led


Step 1

How to make Wireless Power Transmission System2

Make a Primary coil that is Winded above 50 turns to the coil as according to the above picture. This is also called Centred tapped Coil.


Step 2


Make a Secondary coil that is Winded above 70 turns to the coil as according to the above picture.


Step 3 


Make satisfy first  when you started the work of arrangement of component of circuit. Connect all pins to pin of components and arrange the circuit as circuit diagram on dotted pcb with the help of soldering iron by solder wire and paste .

Step 4 

How to make Wireless Power Transmission System3


As according to the circuit diagram connect all the components in a proper manner.

Step 5 


When you have connected all wire correctly . Then you can check this project really how it works.

First of all do the switch on of the battery connection. after that whenever you will bring the secondary coil near to the primary coil Led will start glowing as you will bring in touch with this coil it will glow in full brightness and as you will move your hand in area of 10 cm it will glow according to the distance you move the secondary coil.

Now This Project is ready to work.


So, Friends I hope you understand this project very well . In upcoming Tutorial  I will be back soon with some new interesting Projects and we will discuss about some useful development topics. If you like this project please Do comment and Follow my website and if you want to recommend that what I should write in upcoming Tutorial then please leave your comments. and if u need any help or query please don’t Hesitate to discuss with me. Thank You  🙂

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