How to Make a LED Ambient Mood Light

This project mixes a red, green, and blue LED to get a wide range of colors, and the Arduino cycles through them. The paper cover is used to diffuse the light from the discrete LEDs into a more uniform hue. This project is ideal to add some mood lighting to a dark room using the Arduino and some common, cheap materials.

you can watch it working just click the this link

Make a LED Ambient Mood Light


Component we need for this

  1. Arduino uno
  2. 3 X 220 ohm resistor
  3. 1 X red led
  4. 1 X blue led
  5. 1 X green led
  6. Breadboard
  7. Breadboard cables
  8. white paper/ a plastic cap
  9. scissors
  10. tape

Firstly we have to connect all component

Step I

we have to take common ground take a breadboard wire and connect it to the ground of the arduino and take the other end to breadboard

Make a LED Ambient Mood Light

Then connect Pin 3  with 220 ohm resistor to ground

Make a LED Ambient Mood Light

Now connect leds negative terminal to the ground and positive end to pin no 9,10,11 of arduino respectively and the final assembly look like this.

Make a LED Ambient Mood Light

Step II

in this step we have to make a box like structure to cover light.

Step III

Now we are going to upload program on arduino board

Make a LED Ambient Mood Light




Upload the same code as on the above image and upload it on the Arduino Board, After uploading The code Now your project is ready to run. As you will provide the power supply to the arduino . it will give the same lighting as you are expecting .

So, Friends I hope you understand this project very well . In upcoming Tutorial  I will be back with some new interesting Projects and we will discuss about some useful development topics. Here if you want to recommend that what I should write in upcoming Tutorial then please leave your comments. and if u need any help or query please don’t Hesitate to discuss with me. Thank You  🙂

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