How to make a Line following robot without microcontroller in Easy Steps.

Hello Friends, Today in this article we will Learn to make a “Line following robot without microcontroller”  The Line Follower Robot is also called Path following Robot; We can control our Robot according to our instruction. The line follower Robot is used to make such a purpose that is used to follow a certain path. It usually follows a black line on a white surface or a white line on a black surface. It works sharply when it is made properly. Line Follower Robot plays a vital Role in industries to make industrial work easily. This type of Robot used on the assembly line. In the industries, This type of Robot is used to carry the goods from one place to another place.


line follower robot 8



 Types of Line following robot

  1. Simple Line following robot without microcontroller Using Lm358 IC (voltage comparator Ic)
  2. Logical 8051 Microcontroller Based Line following Robot
  3. Arduino Uno Based Line following robot
  4. Line follower Robot Using Pic (Programmable Interface Controller)


Here We will Learn to make Line following robot without microcontroller.

Let’s Start The Project.


Components Required for Line following robot without microcontroller

  1. PCB (Printed circuit board) 1 pcs
  2. IR Sensor 2pcs
  3. L293D Motor Driver IC 1pcs
  4. Lm358 (Voltage comparator IC ) 2 pcs
  5. 100 Rpm BO Motor 2 pcs
  6. BO Wheels 2 pcs
  7. Free Caster Wheel 1 pcs
  8. Chassis 1 pcs
  9. 7805 Voltage Regulator IC
  10. 9 volt battery 1 pcs
  11. 9 volt Battery snapper
  12. Wire
  13. Soldering Iron
  14. Solder Wire

Before Making to start This project Lets Know about Its important IC which will be used here

IR sensor

this is infrared based sensor used to detect the obstacle or any surface area here it plays very vital role to make it successful.

L293d Motor Driver IC

This is motor driver ic which is used to drive the motors safely through it .

7805 Voltage Regulator IC

This is voltage converter ic which is used to convert 9-12 volt into 5 volt .

LM358 Voltage Comparator IC

This ic is used to compare two different voltage in a different parameters, Here working of robot is controlled through this ic.

Let’s Start to make  Line following robot without microcontroller project with some Easy steps


Step 1

line follower robot

First of all we have to collect all these components that is:


PCB (Printed circuit board) 1 pcs, IR Sensor 2pcs , L293D Motor Driver IC 1pcs , Lm358 (Voltage comparator IC ) 2 pcs , 100 Rpm BO Motor 2 pcs, BO Wheels 2 pcs , Free Caster Wheel 1 pcs, Chassis 1 pcs, 7805 Voltage Regulator IC , 9 volt battery , 1 pcs 9 volt Battery snapper, pieces of Wire , Soldering Iron, Solder Wire.

Step 2

line follower robot

We need all these components as well for making this project.


Step 3

Make a circuit diagram and insert all the components in this PCB in a appropriate manner.


Circuit will look like this . Now your circuit is ready to use.

line follower robot circuit

Step 4

Insert all the components. and you can connect it to 9-12 volt battery.
Here we are using 9 v battery as well as 12 volt battery.
Now your circuit is ready.

line follower robot circuit

Step 5

Now lets come to Robotics body.
As here we are seeing there is on motor and one bo wheel. So first we hav to connect this.

line follower robot body

Step 6

As you are seeing I have connected two wheels in a same manner.

line follower robot 6

Step 7

Now we have to connect its body and chasis as I have connect here and tighted the screw in correct place.

line follower robot 7

Step 8

Now also we have to connect the wheels and motors, as in the picture.

line follower robot 8

Step 9

After connecting all parts. Now it’s a time to connect with the circuit .
After connecting to the circuit now its ready to use.

Now we have successfully developed this project, and we can see by our experience that how smoothly this line follower robot does work.
This robot is ready to work on a black as I have drawn a here a black path for this robot. So as you will start the robot, it will only follow the black path.

Now your Project is Ready, Keep enjoying this project.


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So, Friends This Project “Line following robot without a microcontroller, I hope you understand this project very well. In upcoming Tutorial, I will be back with some new exciting Projects, and we will discuss some useful development topics. Here if you want to recommend that what I should write in upcoming Tutorial, then please leave your comments. And if you need any help or query, please don’t hesitate to discuss with me. Thank You  🙂

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