LED Blinking Program on Arduino – Making a Blinking LED

Hey guys, this is the very first post. Today we will learn to create a LED Blinking Program on Arduino. We started this blog to post projects ideas and tutorials for engineering students. You can get interesting content here. So lets start with the very first post which is about creating an LED Blinking Program on Arduino. So lets start.

Creating your own LED Blinking Program

As this is your own LED Blinking program so

  • You can make a delay program
  • You can control brightness of LED
  • You can make a dancing LED

Components Needed for this LED Blinking Program

  • 1 X arduino uno
  • 1 X led

Now if you got these components you can go further to create your own LED Blinking Program. You just need to follow these steps.

#Step 1
Connect the arduino uno to your computer via data cable. (As shown in the image).

led blinking program tutorial

#Step 2
Take a led and connect the positive leg to pin no 13 and negative to ground.


#Step 3
Open arduino ide and go to file > example > basics > blink and open sketch

opening sketch in adruino

then copy paste the given code bellow.

#Step 4

Upload the Code.

led blinking program

Wait for few second program will uploaded to the board and led will start blinking.

led blinking program

So thats all for this LED Blinking Program tutorial friends. Feel free to ask your queries in the comment sections. We will love to help you in your doubts and queries. Thank You 🙂

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