How to make a vaccum cleaner using bottle?



1. Introduction of vacuum cleaner

2. Brief Explanation of Vacuum Cleaner Components

3. Steps by Step for making vacuum cleaner



As the technology invades almost every aspect of our life now, but as these new techonologies are unaffordable because of there sky high cost too. So I have come up with a simple idea of making a mini vacuum cleaner or just simply want to downsize by yourself at your home with much ease.


 Fig:  Vacuum Cleaner

Required Components

required things for vacuum


1. DC Motor

2. Two Plastic Bottle

3. Glue Gun

4. Fan

5. Battery

6. Switch

7. Soldering iron


Before proceeding let’s know a bit about DC motor


DC motor

This is a device that converts DC electrical energy to a mechanical energy.This DC or direct current motor works on the principal, when a current carrying conductor is placed in a magnetic field, it experiences a torque and has a tendency to move.This is known as motoring action. If the direction of current in the wire is reversed, the direction of rotation also reverses. When magnetic field and electric field interact they produce a mechanical force.




steps1 vacuum

First of all Cut one plastic Bottle in middle part as shown above using knife.


step2 of vacuum cleaner-engineeringprayog

Now Make some hole in bottle part of the plastic bottle with soldering iron as shown picture.


step3 of vacuum cleaner-engineeringprayog

Then cut bottle caps one side and add with dc motor including fan,See the picture above.


step4 of vacuum cleaner-engineeringprayog

Then Attached DC Motor Inside the bottle bottle part using glue gun, see the above fig


step5 of vacuum cleaner-engineeringprayog

Then Join all the cable , Dc motor , switch and battery. See the above picture


step6 of vacuum cleaner-engineeringprayog

Then Cut another plastic bottle and attached with two bottle as shown in picture.Then attached a card board into plastic bottle with glue gun.


step7 of vacuum cleaner-engineeringprayog

Then attached a piece of net with a card board as shown above.


step8 of vacuum cleaner-engineeringprayog

Then attached a piece of net with a card board as shown above.


step9 of vacuum cleaner-engineeringprayog

Then attache switch and battery with plastic bottle using glue gun . See the picture above.


step10 of vacuum cleaner-engineeringprayog

Then attached handle with plastic bottle . Here I am using pop stick for the handle , you can use any foam . See the picture above.


step11 of vacuum cleaner-engineeringprayog

Then attached top part plastic bottle , battery and you can see above.

Now,your vacuum cleaner is ready to work.Keep enjoying this project



So, Friends I hope you understand this project very well . In upcoming Tutorial  I will be back with some new interesting Projects and we will discuss about some useful development topics. Here if you want to recommend that what I should write in upcoming Tutorial then please leave your comments. and if u need any help or query please don’t Hesitate to discuss with me. Thank You  🙂

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