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How to make 8051 Microcontroller Development Board

Hello my dear friends, As always I am back to share my knowledge with you guys. Hope you guys are enjoying my Tutorial very well. So, Friends Today we will learn about How to make 8051 Microcontroller Development Board in a very easy way. Yes, friends, you can Develop your own 8051 board within 10 minutes.

Firstly Let’s know about the 8051 microcontroller Development board.

Introduction to 8051 Microcontroller Development Board

In the Basic electronics field whenever we need to perform a multiple Tasking according to our suitability, There 8051 microcontroller provides a very easy platform to perform all the task in a very easy way. Sometimes For any development in 8051, we always need to buy an 8051 Development Sometimes this is easily available in the market, and sometimes it takes time to get it through the market.

So Friends overall its always create a problem to make a project without Development Board as well as this is costly also, While we can make it own in only at Rs 60.

For making this project, we need some components, and as well as having all the components one by one I will describe on every component which we should know very well. For better understanding in practical as well as Theoretical, So Friends let’s Start The Project.

Component Required making 8051 Microcontroller Development Board


  • Pcb Board
  • 40 Pin IC Base
  • At89s52 Microcontroller Chip
  • Crystal Oscillator 11.0592 MHz
  • LM7805 Voltage Regulator IC
  • Resistor 470 Ohm
  • Capacitor 100 uf
  • Capacitor 10 uf
  • 2 x 22 pf Capacitor
  • LED
  • Momentary Switch


Crystal Oscillator 11.0592 MHz

How to make 8051 Microcontroller Development Board

A crystal oscillator 11.0592 is a frequency-determining component. The Circuit uses a piezoelectric resonator as a frequency-determining element. The crystal oscillator is the common term used in electronics circuit for the frequency, a wafer from or ceramic and this is joined with electrodes. The more accurate term for the piezoelectric resonator, Crystals are also used in other types of electronic circuits.


LM7805 Voltage Regulator IC

How to convert Ac to Dc

This is a voltage convertor IC this IC is mostly used to convert into 5 volt Dc. It take input 6 v – 20 v Dc.

Output of this IC 5 volt 1 amp.



How to make 8051 Microcontroller Development Board

This is a two terminal energy storage passive component Which is also used to filter the current to rectify respells and glitches to improve the flow of pure current. There are different types of capacitor for electronics use. We use the capacitor according to our need in the circuit. Here in the image, you can see the long tail is + and the short tail is – negative.



This is a two-terminal electronic component which is used to oppose the following the current in the circuit. Resistance is made up of carbon material. It never contains positive or negative terminal. We can use it any of the sides as to oppose the current appropriately. Resistance comes with different values which we used according to our need.


LED Light Emitting Diode

How to convert Ac to Dc

Led stands to the light emitting diode. This is mostly used for lighting purpose or as an indicator of the circuit. This is a two terminal device Here in the image as you can see the long tail is positive and the short tail is negative. We are using Led on this Board for Indication purpose.

Led Input voltage : 3 volts Dc.

Led is always connected with 220 or 470 ohm Resistance.


Momentary Switch

How to make 8051 Microcontroller Development Board

This type of switch is called momentary switch. It contains Four terminal each two terminal are shorted with each other while another two terminal is short. This switch is usually used to reset the System. So we are using this switch in this development board to reset the microcontroller when this is needed to use.


At89s52 Microcontroller Chip


This is an 8051 Microcontroller chip, it contains 40 pins, As you can see in the above image we are using here At89s52 chip that is made of Atmel Company. One important thing we should always remember that Microcontroller needs only five v Dc power supply to play the board well otherwise it will defuse the chip.


As we have got all the Essential information about the components

so now lets complete the circuitry Part.


Step 1 for making 8051 Microcontroller Development Board

This is a circuit board and according to this we will develop the circuit

As you can see into the below images.



Step 2 for making 8051 Microcontroller Development Board

Circuit Diagram for making 8051 Microcontroller Development Board

Carefully Understand this circuit well this is very easy to build. According to this circuit diagram Insert all the components properly as it should be and do Soldering it with the help of multi-index wire.


8051 Microcontroller Development Board Circuit

8051 Microcontroller Development Board Circuit


Step 3 for making 8051 Microcontroller Development Board

8051 Microcontroller Development Board

8051 Microcontroller Development Board


Build Your Circuit as according to the above instruction. Now your 8051 board is ready to work, and now your Board will look like this, As you can see in this image. As you will supply the power to the Board, the Led will start blinking that means you have successfully developed you own 8051 Microcontroller Development Board.



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So, Friends Finally your Project is ready, Now I hope you understand this project very well. In upcoming Tutorial, I will be back soon with some new exciting Projects. In the next Topic we will discuss about some useful development topics. If you like this project please Do comment and Follow my website.

you guys can also recommend that what I should write in upcoming Tutorial, then please leave your comments. And if you need any help or query, please don’t hesitate to discuss with me. Thank You 🙂




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