what is diode & its types

The first semiconductor diodes, called ” cat’s whisker diodes“, developed around 1906, were manufacture of mineral crystals such as galena. Diodes is a semiconductor device having two terminals or electrodes positive and negative (anode & cathode).Most diodes are manufactured with semiconductor materials silicon, germanium, or selenium.DIODE1-engineeringprayog

Its spacial property is that it permits the current to flow in one direction(forward direction).It is usually used in electronic circuits and used to convert alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC).






SIGNAL DIODE:It is a non-linear semiconductor device mostly used in electronic circuits.

LIGHT EMMITING DIODE (LEDs): It is an electronic device which glows up when current is passed through it.

Their colours- red, green, blue & yellow colours.

INFRARED LEDs (IR LEDs): It is an electronic component which sends out light with longer wavelengths.

PHOTODIODES: it is a semiconductor device which converts light into an electric current. It is operated in reverse bias conditions.

The different types of photodiodes are-

  • PN junction photodiode
  • PIN photodiode

TRANSIENT VOLTAGE SUPRESSION DIODE: It is an electronic component used to protect electronic devices from voltage fluctuation.

ZENER DIODE: It is an electronic component which allows the current to flow in forward bias as well as reverse bias direction.

SCHOTTKY DIODE: It is an electronic component which has less forward voltage drop than the PN junction. It is also known as barrier diode.

STEP RECOVERY DIODE: It is an electronic component which can generate short pulses.

TUNNEL DIODE: It is a semiconductor electronic device that able to do fast operations.

VARACTOR DIODE:A varactor diode is a special kind of diode and widely used in electronics industries.The varactor diode is a solid semiconductor microwave  used in variable capacitance controlling voltage.

PIN DIODE:A PIN diode is a diode with a broad, undoped intrinsic semiconductor region between a p-type semiconductor and an n-type semiconductor region.

LEASER DIODE:Laser is a narrow beam of Photons emitted with very high intensity of light.

VACCUM DIODE: Vaccum diode consists of two electrodes ( cathode & anode) or plate. The cathode emits the free electrons,so it is called as emitter. The anode collects the free electrons,so it is called as collector.

POINT CONTACT DIODE:POINT-CONTACT DIODES are usually known as CRYSTALS, the point-contact diode depends on the pressure of contact between a point and a semiconductor crystal.

GUNN DIODE: Gunn diode are also known as transferred electron devices(TED) are widely used in microwave RF applications for frequencies between 1 and 100 GHz.

AVALANCHE DIODE: An avalanche diode is a type of diode that is designed to break down and conduct at a specified reverse bias voltage.

PELTIER DIODE: Peltier diode are heat pumps which transfer heat from one side to the other, depending on the direction of the electrical current.

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