How to make 220vac to 5vdc converter circuit?

In this tutorial Today, we will learn How to convert Ac Current to Dc current. It’s quite an interesting project for the students who want to work on the Electronics field. As we know An alternative current forms sinusoidal wave. And through this current, we can not operate the Dc instruments. So now I will make you Learn to build Dc current from Ac source.

In this project Project, I will guide you To Convert 230 v Ac – 5 v 1 Amp Dc.

So Now let’s start the Project to make Ac to Dc.

For making This project we need some components :

  1. 12-0-12 Transformer 1 Pc (Centre Tap Step Down)
  2. 1N4007 (1 amp) Diode 4 Pc
  3. 1000 uF Capacitor 1 Pc
  4. 100 uF Capacitor 1 pc
  5. Some piece of Wire
  6. LM7805 IC 1 pc
  7. Led 2 pc
  8. Resistance 1 k ohm 1 Pc
  9. Resistance 470 ohm
  10. Dotted Printed Circuit Board (PCB) 5cm x 5 cm 1 Pc
  11. Soldering Iron
  12. Solder Wire
  13. Soldering Flux
  14. Power Cable
  15. Multimeter

Essential Information about Components Which we will use in this Project we must have knowledge about it.

Transformer 12-0-12

This type of transformer is used to step down the Ac voltage 220 to 12 Volt Ac. Transformer Contains 2 wire for input source and two-wire for output source. It gives 12 v Ac output where 1 wire is Phase and another one is Neutral wire.


 1N4007 (1 amp) Diode

 This is a semiconductor PN Junction Diode made of Silicon material this type of diode is used to make a rectifier circuit. this type of diode allows to flow of the current in uni-direction from Positive to negative. It works on reverse bias and doesn’t work on the forward bias. Here as in the image you can see the black side is + and another side is (-) Negative.How to convert Ac to Dc

 Lm 7805 IC 

 This is a voltage convertor IC this IC is mostly used to convert into 5 volt Dc. It take input 6 v – 20 v Dc.

The output of this IC 5 volt 1 ampHow to convert Ac to Dc


This is a two-terminal resistive device that is used to oppose the following currently in the circuit. Resistance is made up of carbon material. It never contains a positive or negative terminal. We can use it any of the sides as to oppose the current inappropriate manner. Resistance comes in different values which we used according to our needs.How to convert Ac to Dc


This a two-terminal energy storage passive component Which is also used to filter the current to rectify respells and glitches to improve the flow of pure current. There are different types of capacitors for electronics use. We use the capacitor according to our need in the circuit. Here in the image, you can see the long tail is + and the short tail is –

  Led – Light Emitting Diode

Led stands to the light-emitting diode. This is mostly used for lighting purposes or as an indicator of the circuit. this is a two-terminal device Here in the image as you can see the long tail is positive and the short tail is negative.

Led Input voltage : 3 volts dc.

Led is always connected with 220 or 470 ohm Resistance.

How to convert Ac to Dc


So now we got the essential information about the important components.

Now I will describe you to make this project Step by Step.

Step 1

First, we need to collect all these equipment as you are seeing in the below picture.

How to convert Ac to Dc


Step 2

How to convert Ac to Dc


Now as according to the circuit diagram as in the picture insert all the components in the PCB board in the same manner and do soldering with the help of solder wire and soldering flux.

First, give the input 220 v ac to the transformer via Ac cable, then Make a bridge rectifier and after that connect all the equipment according to the circuit diagram.


Step 3

How to convert Ac to Dc


Now your circuit is ready to start as you will plug the ac wire of transformer the led will start glowing. You will get +5v 1 amp dc output . as through this output you can also charge your mobile phone.


So, Friends, I hope you understand this project very well. In the upcoming Tutorial, I will be back with some new interesting Projects and we will discuss some useful development topics. Here if you want to recommend that what I should write in the upcoming Tutorial then please leave your comments. and if u need any help or query please don’t hesitate to discuss it with me. Thank You  🙂



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