Top 50 Civil Engineering Projects

Hey guys, Here I came to suggest Best 50 Civil Engineering Projects for Civil Engineering Students. let’s take a look and choose your favorite topic.

  • Zero Net Energy Building Full Concept with Working Model
  • Hydro Power Plant Working Model
  • Wind Mill Power Plant Working Model
  • Earth quack Resistance Building Concept High Vibration Earthquake vibration control
  • Advanced Earthquake Resistant Techniques
  • Green Building Concept Model
  • Advance Automatic Bridge
  • New Technique based Water Purification System
  • Water-Saving Project using Flaws water
  • Advance Agriculture system based concept project
  • Microcontroller Based Agriculture system
  • Automatic Water Irrigation System
  • A new technique based water drainage system concept model
  • Soil Moisture Sensing Based Water Irrigation System
  • Automatic Cloth Hanger
  • Passive solar energy building full concept model
  • Laminated flooring Based Project
  • E-waste disposal Based Project
  • Gas leakage detector
  • Tachometer using Arduino
  • Digital temperature sensor
  • LPG gas leakage detector
  • Automatic washbasin system
  • Manual operated railway gate via DPDT
  • Infra-red control home appliance
  • Automatic railway gate using Arduino
  • Automatic rain detector
  • Automatic door opening system
  • Motion-based automatic street light
  • The automaticT water harvesting system
  • Room Light control via clap
  • Border security system
  • Auto operated cloth hanger
  • Solar based mobile charging system

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