Border Security System Project with Security Alarm

Today In this Tutorial I am going to explain about you how you can make your own Security touch sensor for boundary security alarm. Because in our daily life we are not felling secure. so you guys can make your own security system yourself. for Home and Border Security Purpose.


Component Required :-

Border Security System -

  • Bread Board
  • Resistance 1M ohm
  • Electrolytic Capacitor 100mf /12v
  • Timer Ic NE555p
  • Diode 4007
  • Small Buzzer
  • Battery 9v

Component Details :-

 Bread Board :-

Bread Board is a type of  dotted pcb .here difference is we can soldring on dotted pcb but we cant sold on bread board we generally use it for circuit testing .

Resistance :-

Resistance block the path of electrons flows in wire. Which is in voltage and current it oppose .

Electrolytic Capacitor  :-

It is a capacitor it generally use for charge discharge .

Diode :-

Diode is electronic component .It is unipolar device . It work in forward connection

Small buzzer :-

It is a Sound buzzer which work on +5v dc and when we pass the voltage supply than it produce

Circuit Diagram : –

Border Security System1 -


Working :-


Step :-  1

Border Security System2 -


Here are the all component connected with each other on bread board . so see thes project and canecte all pin of the component with their property . as I have draw the circuit diagram above see that and connect all pin .

When we sypply the power to the circuit. Than it work and when we touch the wire which is connected with the pin 2 of 555 ic than it will respone and buzzer will on . so this type we can make it so you plz  make it and feed it in your boundary.

Step :- 2

Border Security System2 -

Its final step to touch the touch wire and see the response . I hope  you will try it and make it by your self .

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