5 way to covert your Black money into White

Hii guys, today I am going to Discuss a very quite interesting Topic that How you can make your money White, So let’s Have the knowledge How to Convert Your Black Money To white Money.

Firstly I am going to give some Examples and clues about having Black Money.

  • A person may have many reasons of having Black money, Either he makes the money on the right way but don’t pay the taxes and don’t show the payment declaration to government, that means according to government views your money is not white
  • If a businessman does crores of transaction but he does not show the Declaration to the government or he hides his total selling or billing or maybe he hid the money in his home or any place. This is the way of earning money will be called black money according to government views.
  • If a person belongs to the political field and collected the fund for his party, but still have no declaration how does he got the money for his party fund or what is the way of having money either this is white or black but until and unless he will give a description about the money according to the government the money is black.

So now let’s know the 5 tips on How to turns your Black money into white.

  • Get rid of black money by investing your money in Gold, Platinum, or Silver because its price will be always valuable, Even in the future all these costly things can give return your money in a safe way.


  • Invest your money in real state, if you are investing your money in the real state this will be a perfect idea to save your money.


  • Another way to save your money is you can distribute your money among your people and deposit it to the bank in a small amount. It may a safe way to save money.


  • Investing money in Institutions is a biased source to convert your black money into white, here you won’t have to face any kind of problem.


  • Make your money purely white by giving a description to the government and by paying taxes. this way of money will always make you help to grow you up as well as your business status will become strong.
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